Review 800/800 videos in total - Security center question !?

+10 K videos in total And the 800/800 not completed yet ?! The ² question i already get an answer for it.. But i wanna ask again when i'll be qualified..... ???
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Zuelle40d ago
Hi, @SoFiane. For the first image the requirements are as follows: •500 video reviews with an SS grade. •800 video reviews with an SSS grade. While the Eagle Eye recruitment is officially closed. From now Investigators can only apply when there is a recruitment open and other time, no one will be able to apply. When recruitment will be opened, everyone will be able see inside the security center. Regarding any further question to the issue, please consider contacting in-game customer support.
HockeyRup39d ago
Regarding the first line, this is the season challenge so it only counts reviews since 14th January. If you're not at the required grade when you reach the review total it will complete once you get there.