Best way to earn EXP / BP ?

I know by playing and do the daily missions ect earn some points.. But is playing VS AI while using bonus cards is the best method to obtain EXP and BP's ?
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Percila45d ago
also curious to know the most efficient method
Mark44d ago
You can increase EXP and BP by the following methods : 1. By completing Daily Tasks & Missions ( which will give you some amount of EXP's and BP's. ) 2. By using EXP and BP Cards. ( by completing some missions, you can obtain some EXP and BP points,cards or you can purchase them from the Treasures tab) 3. By playing more Arcade Modes. (modes like war, team Deathmatch, VS AI etc.) 4.By playing consistently. ( playing the game regularly) Also, you can use the conversation channel #pubg-mobile and ask the other PUBG MOBILE community members regarding the best and effective methods to increase EXP and BP.