Val crashes as soon as it starts

I've tried EVERYTHING i can think of; reinstall riot launcher and valorant, run it as admin, modify the vanguard process so it opens automatically, use compatibility no fullscreen optimizations setting, updated drivers and windows.
jidat44d ago
Does it give u a crash message?
Neptunie43d ago
it just gives me the crash message not even an error code or anything, i will get the log dump tomorrow i tried getting the crash dump but everytime i try to click yes or no it just stops responding and proceeds to freeze
Neptunie43d ago
idk if this is the file btw
Saucywan43d ago
That isn’t a crash dump file a) providing your game logs to me b) make a ticket with a riot
Neptunie42d ago
i would prefer this one, last time i made a ticket with riot it took like 2 weeks min to solve the question though idk where the game logs are
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