Load Balancer - Mystery 404s

Hi all, I have created a CloudFlare load balancer: https://ml-inference-lb.photoninsights.com/ It points to two origins: * https://ml-inference.photoninsights.com (up, a CF tunnels instance) * https://ml-inference-backup.photoninsights.com (down, an AWS EC2 instance) It additionally has a healthcheck endpoint at /v2/health/live The healthcheck for origin 1 is 🟢 because it is up. However, when I visit https://ml-inference-lb.photoninsights.com/v2/health/live, I get a mystery 404. In fact, all requests to the LB just give 404. I must be missing something simple here.. Can anyone pls help? 🙏 EDIT: Perhaps because origins are HTTPS? Could this be an issue?
George43d ago
Cannot reproduce the 404 in any capacity on the origin server