Somehow, while configuring OIDC, my OWNER account ended up... gone?!

I've disabled OIDC and just using the credentials login I can't log in anymore. I only had one account. I get an error on the login page "Your credentials are incorrect or this account doesn't exist. Please try again." - How can I recreate the owner account without rebuilding my dashboard? If I enable OIDC again, I just get redirected to the login page after Authenik's authentication flow.
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Can I install Homarr on a Raspberry Pi?
Jase42d ago
Ubuntu, Docker, Homarr version 0.15.0+fix-redirect-oidc, multiple browsers across multiple machines Docker logs user sirjmann92 is trying to log in. checking password... password for user sirjmann92 was incorrect If I shut down the container, delete the db.sqlite file, make a backup of the "config" folder (just in case), and then start the container back up, will that start the owner registration flow? Then restore the config directory, if needed. Ok, it did work... No idea why it deleted my Owner account but I was able to rebuild and keep my dashboard.
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Tag42d ago
Sorry if it's too late, but at least as a reference for anyone else that might search for this
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