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Dev Showing Production

Since 0.13.4 some things have been broken. I wanted to try the dev branch before posting an issue but for some reason it appears dev isn't working. Can someone see what I have done wrong?
Hi, it is normal that it will show production there. It doesn't matter if it's the development version or not. The production build means, that it has been optimised for actual use.
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Can't find config files

I configured homarr to run on docker like below:
docker run  \
  --name homarr \
  --restart unless-stopped \
  -p 7575:7575 \
  -v /second/homarr/configs:/app/data/configs \
  -v /second/homarr/icons:/app/public/icons \
  -d ghcr.io/ajnart/homarr:latest

When I go to my /second directory though I don't see the folders with the config files did I mess a step or where are the configs for things like edit password stored?

Where do I put my own logo file? Is there a path to /imgs/logo/

I'm running Homarr via docker-compose. I don't know where I need to save my own logo file in order to be able to access it from the Homarr logo customization option. It looks like the default path is /imgs/logo/logo.png but I don't know what that maps to on my local system. Can someone help?

RSS Order

Hello again! Ive got an RSS feed set up with a discord bot (MonitorRss) which pulls an RSS feed that I made years ago from my schools Instructure Canvas LMS system, allowing me to get and view notifications for course content, grades, announceements, ect. When I open the feed in my browser, it lists it from the oldest date first (which happens to be the oldest still published course I have from 6 years ago) Is there any way I can make it show newest first in the RSS feed? I can't figure out ho...

Adguard home integration failure

Homarr, are there any known issues with the AdguardHome integration?

I am using adguard-home beta version and the data does not come. My friend is using the stable version and his data does not come.

The widget stays in the loading stage.

Let me describe how I did it, maybe you will find something wrong with me.

1) I add the adguard home app to the homarr interface.

2) In adguard home, I select adguard home in the integrations section and enter my username and password.

3) Then I add the w...

Where can I find Discord webhooks?

In my server I don´t have the option: server settings... why?


Import Config from previous instance

Is there not a way to import a Homarr config from a previously deployed server? I have the json I exported prior to nuking my previous instance, but can't figure out what to do with it.

Enable pings not selectable

Installed Homarr yesterday and now in the final stage of configuring.
Problem I ran into is that I can't enable pings on the layout page, every option is selectable expect enable ping, the option isn't selectable,
Running ghcr.io/ajnart/homarr:latestimage.
Any idea why this isn't working for me?

iFrame Can't make it the size I want

I can't choose smaller than 25% or put something manually. Is there something that I'm missing here? 🙂 Thanks in advance. This is all very new for me.

Poster Images

Hello just installed homarr in docker, my ad blockers are off, but calendar poster images are not showing are they shown instantly or do I have to wait?

404 Error after updating

Hello there
Can't access homarr either via the domain i set, or via local ip
I just pulled the latest version and added a tag for https://crazymax.dev/diun/

Homarr logs :
homarr  | Listening on port 7575 url: http://497ece26ed18:7575
homarr  | [DEPRECATED] Use `createWithEqualityFn` instead of `create` or use `useStoreWithEqualityFn` instead of `useStore`. They can be imported from 'zustand/traditional'. https://github.com/pmndrs/zustand/discussions/1937

I've tried to specify the base u...

Other users

I wanted to know if there is a way to make a dashboard that has the radarr/sonarr intergration but without exposing the sonarr and radarr app on the dashboard. i want to let my family use the dashboard for request via overseerr and the calendar and other stuff but they dont need to have access to my apps like torrent apps and media management apps. basically a frontend for the user and one for the admin? A bit like how in Organizr you can seay which apps can be viewed by the user with permission...

NZBGet shows up as icon in download speed but isn't being reflected. Icon still red.

Plex now playing doesn't work, plex ping is green.


Hey, every time I change language it changes back to my web browsers language on refresh. How do I make it stick?

Categories have inconsisstent spacing between them

Hello, I have a small issue. In my dashboard, I have three categories, and I can't distinguish one category as it appears separate from the others. Can you help me? It's not very important, but I value having a visually pleasing interface.

Docker.sock location on Mac server

Hello, i'm looking for anyone to assist with the Docker Socket connection. I am runing my server from an old Macbook, and so the examples from the documentation don't work. They say to use "-v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock" or the "\" version for Windows. But neither work for Mac. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Error Updating with Promox helper script

I am tryign to update to the latest version but I keep getting this error and I dont know what to do next.

I used the Proxmox helper script to install this as its own VM.

How do you guys add background on Homarr ?

How do you guys add background on Homarr ?
Am i doing something wrong ?

502 Bad Gateway

Hello all, happy Homarr user here! 🙂

Beginning from today after the container has been updated to the latest version (v0.13.3) I've got 502 Bad Gateway if I try to open Homarr. I'm using it behind nginx as a subfolder . I investigated a bit, but I didn't find any obvious, until I spot the problem in Homarr log:

"ready started server on, url:"

Do you see it? Not? Let me help: Any idea what's the problem? How can I solve it?

One remark: I'm...