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Account hacked

My account got hacked and I can’t access my account. I file a claim but they rejected my request even though I provided all the information. And also I emailed them but still no reply. Is there anyone who can help me get out from this situation. Please and thank you.
random_error_44d ago
None of my social media is compromised and also I didnt fall for any kind of scam. When I try to login to my account and my account isnt connected anymore. How can it even possible. @Tencent @Administrator @Moderator I have all the information needed in order to verify my account. I can give each and every detail of my account. Help me get it back Ingame name: ЗамБОТА UID: 534047525 @Tencent @Administrator @Moderator @Error @Quendi @delfin🐬 @.Nadïa.🌴 Anyone helping me here?
I also have the same problem 😕
random_error_44d ago
@Tencent @Administrator @Moderator Why no one is looking into my issue?
kiwi44d ago
Hello @Not_Manish, please refer to the answers to the other post . Please make sure to provide all the required and correct information. Avoid mentioning Tencent, Administrator and moderator role unless it is server emergency.
random_error_43d ago
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