Guess the rank!
vinh43d ago
The buddy in the first clip isn’t mine
Arii43d ago
Like high gold low plat maybe
JSN43d ago
Silver 3, maybe gold
mythea43d ago
same, my guess is gold
jidat43d ago
The shots are good, the enemy team is lost, i say around g3-p1
yaz43d ago
definetly plat
fecker_43d ago
sage in the last clip 💀 probably mid plat
! mewo43d ago
the gun swap diamond
vinh42d ago
Yeah I got these like a month ago when I was Gold 3- Plat 2 Now I’m diamond 1 What can I do to improve
jidat42d ago
Damn my guess was spot on
vinh42d ago
how can I improve?
jidat42d ago
Idk man i am d1 myself
smurf42d ago
Avg iron 1 smurf
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