OBS + TikTok LIVE Studio = Not enough Encode Sessions

Currently trying to record my Webcam in OBS while i have a vertical source in Aitum sent virtually to TikTok Live Studio. System: - CPU: i5-10400 - GPU: RTX 2070 (Non-Super) - Driver: Both NVIDIA and AITUM up to date as of 3/7/24 Tiktok Live Studio is set to Vertical Mode instead of Compatibility Mode - Video Quality: Automatic - Resolution: 1920x1080 - FPS: 60 - Video Bitrate: 6400 - Audio Bitrate: 256 - Encoder: Nvidia H265 OBS - Format: (.mkv) - Video Encoder: Nvidia Nvenc HEVC - Audio Encoder: FFmpeg PCM (32-bit float)
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Fcenturylinkβ€’44d ago
Post log after error occurs
Kinou054β€’44d ago
Kinou054β€’42d ago
https://obsproject.com/logs/59BOji76F4mWt1Xj im still messing with settings so trying to find the solution did switch from CBR to CQP and apparently stopped the error from popping up, but now getting encoder overload may have fixed it, ill post after stream what i did so yes swapping from CBR to CQP apparently stopped the encoder from breaking in OBS while i was using Virtual Camera (Both OBS and Aitum because Aitum wont start virtual cam on its own) and the encoder overload was fixed by limiting the capture cards source in OBS to 30fps Nevermind same issue today
ninburaβ€’38d ago
I mean it sounds like you're not hitting the encode session limit based on your description as to what you're doing. But have you tried patching your driver to bypass Nvidia's encode limit?
GitHub - keylase/nvidia-patch: This patch removes restriction on ma...
This patch removes restriction on maximum number of simultaneous NVENC video encoding sessions imposed by Nvidia to consumer-grade GPUs. - keylase/nvidia-patch
Kinou054β€’38d ago
Shouldn't need to if the more recent drivers are supposed to give even the 20 series GPUs 8 encode sessions I ended switching the roles for what's handling the tiktok sources and recording my camera, seems to work for now
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