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Reliable voltage limit

My GPU consistently reaches its "reliable voltage limit" and "utilization limit" is basically always on. I'm unclear if this is related to my power supply. I believe I have an 800-watt power supply. The PC is about 5 years old. MBD: Asus PRIME Z390-P CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K 3.60GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti...
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Best way to get a recording off an answering machine.

This is a bit of a strange one… I’ve got a several year old answering machine (It’s a Panasonic, and is digital, not one of the super old tape ones). Unfortunately, my dad passed away a couple of years ago, and I’ve been avoiding deleting the only message I have from him.
Any thoughts on the best way to capture the recording where I can make sure it’s saved? The handsets (which can play the messages) have Bluetooth for a headset or for linking to a phone (which I’ve never done)....

a few obs and vlc media player questions

On OBS i now have the nvidia nvenc AV1, NVENC h264, NVENC HVEC, STV AV1 and AOM AV1 which will give me the best results for recording videos? next if i record in AV1 VLC media player can play it but it wont make a thumbnail so i cant tell which clip is which, in the photo you can see the h264 videos have a thumbnail and i can tell which clip is which, with NVENC AV1 i don't get a thumbnail and its hard to know what clip is what so that kind of messes things up.. any way to fix that if its not making a thumbnail or is there a better video player to use that will read a thumbnail. ??...
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Encoder overload

Log from last night's stream: https://obsproject.com/logs/I3zpzG6ynOQJrPUl Experienced occasional overload throughout the whole stream, but nothing too bad. Until I went to my "Stream Ending" scene, and things got really choppy. It honestly might just be due to my scenes being quite complex....

"Input Not Supported" message on monitor

My PC boots into windows and I used it for some minutes then the monitor blacksout and shows the "Input Not Supported" box. Tried Unplugging the HDMI cable and the issue was still there, restarting too wasn't helpful, this happened 3 times which are the only 3 times i used my PC which is a new build. I'll try to plug DP. FYI I still dont have a dedicated GPU so I'm on the i5 gpu.. Surprisingly I noticed that it happens when I open a new tab in Brave browser.. As for the drivers (my board is Gigabyte X AX rev 2.1) it came with it's own piece of software that installed all the updates and drivers ig......

SSD isn't showing in Windows setup

my ssd isnt showing tho it's fully connected. I think it has something to do with Intel Rapid Storage but i cant find it for 14th gen as im using 14600k. Only found 13th gen setup on intels website.. Mobo: Z790 X AX Rev 2.1 SSD: FIRECUDA 520 NVMe ...

MKV vs MP4 on DaVinci Resolve Timeline

I accidentally used an MKV file on my DaVinci Resolve timeline. 1) Should I worry about it? At least on the Edit page everything looks fine. 2) If I should change it out with the MP4, is there a way for me to replace the clips 1 for 1 as I have made a bunch of cuts in the original clips on the timeline. ...
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Multi tracks for live and recording

Say I have 7 inputs. For streaming, I have them all on track 1. For recording, I have 2 pa channels on track 1 and the rest individually on 2-6 Will the recording have just the 2 pa channels on track 1 or will it have all of the inputs from the stream mode? I'm trying to make the 2 pa tracks mono with 1 panned left and the other panned right so I can split them in Davinci and end up with 7 tracks. I actually have more inputs then the 7. My ultimate goal is that when I edit the livestream down is to be able to put all the audio into Atmos and have the feeling you are actually in the center of the track Does this all seem like the right way to go about it?...

bad video drivers

just wondering, is there any drivers for thinkcentre lenovo all-in-one computer, also heres some computer specs if you want, but dude if anyone, i mean ANYONE, JUST A SINGLE PERSON identify what is this "computer" im talking about please send a download link to opengl drivers for this computer, it will be amazing if i could update my drivers, also before you complain yes i did "update" my drivers with device manager but that didn't help either
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Need New Motherboard for A i7, needs lots of usb ports.

I want to Avoid Asus as im not liking how they are doing things lately and seem like quality has gone down alot with them but i need a good reliable motherboard for a 13 or 14th gen i7, i would like lots of usb ports and would rather not spend a fortune, i do not plan to over clock but i need it for gaming, video and audio editing. the MSI MPG Z790 EDGE looks like a winner anyone have any reason not to get that, its more expensive that i would like but i guess i can bust out the credit...

Struggling to get my microphone sounding clean when my voice starts raising, or is it just me?

I've been trying to get my microphone settings during stream to be at a sort of sweet spot where when my voice starts raising, it doesn't start sounding all like its 'blown' out. I was watching back on a clip of mine that I turned into a short and its.. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong here or if its just me thinking it sounds worse than it actually does? https://clips.twitch.tv/RoundGracefulZebraPMSTwin-VlVRn-jbcvMuU2fp...
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Microsoft Edge font looks bad on new install.

I've created a new Windows 11 VM and when launching the Edge browser I noticed the font looked bad. I've had this issue in the past but I can never remember how I've fixed it. The first image is a screenshot from an existing Windows 10 VM and the second is the new Windows 11 VM. I messed around with the ClearText settings without any luck. Any ideas?...
Edge screenshot from existing Windows 10 VM

XR1 Pro not compatible with OSSC timings for NESRGB timings, regardless of line mode used.

As the title says, the OSSC with the NESRGB timings (using RGB out for testing) from my Nt Mini Noir gives me a "Not Supported" screen on my XR1 Pro. If I adjust the horizontal sample rate to 340 or 342, I get an image but with columns of shimmering pixels. Is there anything I can do in terms of timings or other settings to get this to work?

OBS ignores video encoder parameters in custom output(ffmpeg)

So i use obs to stream to an icecast streamserver however people reporting that the stream closes sometimes on their end. i suspect that this is caused by the big variation in the bitrate. i set it to 4mbit but it goes up to 10mbit (see screenshot) and on low motion in scene it goes down to 1mbit. i think this means that the mode is vbr and not cbr. i tried to use custom params (see screenshot) but no matter what i put in this field the result is the same. the bitrate always fluctuates too much....
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Multi monitor OBS rendering issue

Im wondering if someone could help me. I just reinstalled windows and now my OBS is cooked. Previously I had to do something to fix this I just can't remember what it was. Essentially, I have multiple monitors: 2x 144hz and 1x 240x. I play on the 240hz and OBS is on one of the 144hz ones. When I play a game at above 144 FPS, OBS then starts to miss a ton of frames due to rendering lag. I forget what I did to fix this in the past. Previously I was able to play 200-300 FPS with no issues in OBS. a...

Curious as to what options others are using in FFmpeg for av1_nvenc encoding.

testing Been playing some Nier Automata; saved off some of my gameplay using FFmpeg and noticed the foliage looked insanely bad. Here's the base command, usually I'm doing segmentation, but I've removed anything unnecessary for the sake of example: ```PowerShell...

Issues with M1 Max to Twitch

I am at wit's end and could use any and all help. Problem: Trying to stream 1080p 60 to Twitch on a Mac and it's coming out pixelated - not a bitrate/internet issue. My Son who also streams but on a PC (not Mac) has no issues - crystal clear....

Game capture only shows 30fps in OBS

As it's says in the title, any 60fps game with the game capture source only shows as 30 in OBS. Any reason why this is?

Advice on USB-A dock for multiple gaming controllers, and

Hey everyone, just a re-post of a question posted earlier in the wrong section - Just wanted to share a setup I've been working on and ask for some advice. It started off when our family moved to a new house, and I mounted our QLED and Apple TV to the wall in the living room. When we moved, I cable-tied a cheap second hand Dell Optiplex micro-form factor PC to the back of the TV (all of these devices are hard-wired into our home network), and set the Optiplex up with a wireless keyboard and trackpad combo, which worked out great for WFH without a desk, and home admin type stuff. (I have most of my higher end gaming stuff, like the PlayStation 5 and the gaming PC, in my own office - again all that is plugged into the network via CAT6 patch cables; I try not to use wi-fi for non-portable devices) So I wanted to turn this into a gaming area for the kids where they could game without disappearing into Daddy's office..... we wanted them to be play able to be in the living room where we could keep an eye on them πŸ˜„ So when I got my iPhone upgrade, I had the idea of mounted the old iPhone 13 on the wall behind the living room TV, hoping to pair it with a PS5 Dualsense controller and mirror the screen to the TV. It was fine, but it was pretty laggy for some faster-paced games. So I installed the Steam Link app on the Apple TV, which let us stream Steam games really well, and pairing the PS5 Dualsense was pretty straightforward too. But obviously that's not going to work for actual PS5 games...
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Help with fixing Elgato Game Capture bug

Sometimes when I bootup the 4K Capture Utility, it will output my camera at 405p59 even with the recording format set to 1080p 60
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