I'm trying to make my Discord Bot Reply when a user sends an Image in Chat

I have a working discord bot that responds to people and I'm even getting it to tell me the weather and time of a specific Zip code through a slash command. But I'm having trouble getting it to reply when someone sends an image. I want the discord bot to reply with "Looks like someone is sending..." when a user uploads an image into a channel. Can anyone help a brotha out? I found a few solutions but they're like 5+ years old and I'm not getting anywhere with them.
d.js toolkit40d ago
- What's your exact discord.js npm list discord.js and node node -v version? - Not a discord.js issue? Check out #other-js-ts. - Consider reading #how-to-get-help to improve your question! - Explain what exactly your issue is. - Post the full error stack trace, not just the top part! - Show your code! - Issue solved? Press the button! - Marked as resolved by OP
d.js docs40d ago
:property: Message#attachments A collection of attachments in the message - e.g. Pictures - mapped by their ids. (more...)
Arkst0rm40d ago
I've already got all of that. I just cant seem to get the bot to register that someone has sent a pic like i have it set up as if (message.content.includes(//not sure what to put here)) { i see. thank you!!
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