Everything looking extra wiggly?

I don't know how best to describe it, but this happens to me with the old tilt brush as well. First time experiencing it with open brush. Its like the interface and whole app appears "wiggly"er than usual. I'm using a valve index and this is the normal version of open brush (not a beta)
AncientWorlds43d ago
Did you click the audio-reactive button (waveform icon) in the bottom middle of the panel?
Mana👽43d ago
no this is from the start of loading the app the issue has resolved itself it seems, after exiting and reloading the app a few tmes
AncientWorlds41d ago
Weird. Display glitch of some kind?
:)26d ago
i am having this issue as well! did you find a solution? i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing seems to work. i have downloaded the app from oculus, steam, and via the website but same "warping/wiggling" occurs, and persist from the start of the app. on video nothing looks wrong, same if recorded through the lens. it looks like every other lines vsync is off, but most notably head movement is scaled differently than it should be. moving your head to the right 1 foot causes the applications movement to warp way further to the right, causing any and all movement to be out of sync. it is very aggressive, similar to tracking jitter. the controllers as well. is there a way i can do a fresh install of everything? not just delete and reinstall but purge all content/files to start again?
andybak26d ago
So this happens with both the Oculus/Meta Store versions and the Steam version? And it only appears in the headset and not on the PC monitor?
:)26d ago
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