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Problem logging into the game and connection

Hello! When trying to log in, an error occurs (screenshots). If i wait for the time specified in the error, i can log into the account, but after about 10-15 minutes of play it appears again. I'm using an emulator (Bluestacks 5). Error text: "There was a client-side error with your network or device. To ensure the security of your data, check your network and device before reconnecting."
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GameOnTerror45d ago
Kindly contact customer service of the software you are using, @Pølska Krøwka Also, if you want, you can try using Gameloop, official Tencent emulator
Pølska Krøwka45d ago
Quendi44d ago
Hello, @Pølska Krøwka! There are different types of emulators available, but the only recommended emulator is GameLoop: Please note that accounts are suspended for violating PUBG MOBILE's terms of service: If you believe that your account was wrongfully suspended, please utilize the File Claim option when trying to log into your account.