Railway routing problems?

Looked in incidents but nothing there. My railway deployment is routing to "Application failed to respond" It is up, logs show it hadn't crashed, restarted it anyway to check, still not working. Is there a problem somwhere with Railway routing? 6a6c4123-f4c9-4c41-ba5f-c3115ddc1753
Percy42d ago
Project ID: 6a6c4123-f4c9-4c41-ba5f-c3115ddc1753
gazhay42d ago
(Have credits - not a billing issue) Seems to be a railway issue - tried to redeploy and that got stuck too. And just as i say that.... Would be interested to know why the project was still running and do stuff but couldn't get to the web site. The redeploy seems to have cured it - though the redeploy was very slow.
izTrippn42d ago
Our project had a similar outage today around noon Eastern, except our redeploy failed the first time because it thought the container had no start command
gazhay41d ago
Just went to push some changes and the start command I've been using forever is now deemed "invalid" and deployment failing 😕
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