@nuxt/image throw error 500 in production

hello there! I recently added @nuxt/image to my project and locally it works fine, but I deploy a test to my qa domain and all the images throw an error 500 This is my configuration in nuxt.config.ts modules: [ '@nuxt/image' ], image: { quality: 100, format: ['webp'], screens: { xs: 320, sm: 640, md: 768, lg: 1024, xl: 1280, xxl: 1536, '2xl': 1536 }, domains: ['https://www.cyberpuerta.mx', 'https://cyberpuerta.mx', 'https://qa-web-mobile.cyberpuerta.mx'] }, In this case, my QA domain is something like https://qa-web-mobile.my-domain.mx And the images come from my production domain example, https://www.my-domain.mx/img/picture1.png I'm using @nuxt/image 1.3.0 The error on the image shows this: [500] [IPX_ERROR] Something went wrong installing the "sharp" module Cannot find module '../build/Release/sharp-linuxmusl-x64.node' Require stack: - /app/server/node_modules/sharp/lib/sharp.js - /app/server/node_modules/sharp/lib/constructor.js - /app/server/node_modules/sharp/lib/index.js Possible solutions: - Install with verbose logging and look for errors: "npm install --ignore-scripts=false --foreground-scripts --verbose sharp" - Install for the current linuxmusl-x64 runtime: "npm install --platform=linuxmusl --arch=x64 sharp" - Consult the installation documentation: https://sharp.pixelplumbing.com/install
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