What does this mean, crash report

This is all in single player, i used fabric, Indium, Distant Horizons, Sodium and Iris all on 1.20.1 versions, they are all in the mod folder and its useing the fabric 1.20.1 profile in minecraft "The game crashed whilst initializing game Error: java.lang.ClassCastException: class java.lang.String cannot be cast to class java.lang.Double (java.lang.String and java.lang.Double are in module java.base of loader 'bootstrap')" could it be because i have different versions of fabric installed? idk. i only have 1.20.4 and 1.20.1 versions of fabric and the minecraft profile says its the 1.20.1 version of fabric.
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MarijnIsN00B5mo ago
Try deleting your DH config /config
YAGPDB.xyz5mo ago
To edit the config, press the button next to the FOV slider to edit the config. The config file found in .minecraft/config/DistantHorizons.toml
ThatCakeTho5mo ago
the whole file? it worked, ty lol