Help me find the right mic solution (and maybe you have the same issues?)

Hello people! I haven't watched informative tech-content for a while, and when I looked on the best channel called "EposVox" (haha) I saw that there are so many technical advancements made the last 2 years. Especially when it comes to mics and DSP (in-mic as well as in audio interfaces). I just sold almost everything in my audio chain to make room for a specific setup, which I'm going to explain as I need help choosing the right parts for it. So, the things I need are: - Inbuilt DSP (may be in the mic mic itself, but may also be in an audio interface, as long as it sounds more than good), examples of must-have DSP effects are: - Noise Gate - Compression - EQ - De-Ess - A way to hear the DSP effects live via a headphone out to my IEMs and via line out for my studio monitors (although I want to get a DAC eventually so balanced is not a requirement for now, but a welcome addition if it's affordable enough in one package) - The software has to have submixes that can be controlled, preferably with an integration via MIDImixer software for volume mixing, and other macros like muting. - I am willing to tinker with capsule switching, as long as it's not too difficult size-wise and the microphone already has decent other components - It has to be a Dynamic mic. I live across the busiest street of my village, and some vehicles are way too loud. That's why DSP such as noise gate are a must. I searched already more than 2 weeks finding the right solution. What I already came up with are various options, like using a Revelator io24 and making a cheap dynamic mic better with a new capsule. But I'm curious if there are other (maybe better) options. The ideal case would be to use the BEACN Mic software, but not with a BEACN mic, as switching the capsule on that thing does not make it sound much better anyway. So I need the closest competitor, which could be a Wave XLR with VST's (but then I don't have a line out for my studio monitors + the latency kills me probably), or just the revelator mic/interface with some modifications made to the mic i'll be using in that case. I really don't know other not-so-expensive alternatives as Rode is too expensive for me. My budget is around 300 euro's and I have access to sites like Thomann and Bax-Shop. But other stores are okay too, as long as they ship to NL without extra fees. I would really love you people's perspective on this!
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Joël4mo ago
Hi, I just did some research and as I already have an okay Dynamic mic (shure SM58), which I can mod if I want, I wanted to try a good condenser mic, because sound quality is more important than the way it picks it up (at least for Discord). So I went and bought the ProAr FangDong (or Bai Fei Li V10 in China) all the way from America (I'm from the Netherlands) and I got 30% off the mic, so if you people want a good condenser mic for a fraction of what it should cost, take a look at Amazon US. It's on sale, I don't know for how long though, as the Spring sale in NL is ending tomorrow