Image Stabilization For "Phone As Webcam" Solutions

This felt like it could potentially hit in a few different places, so I thought I'd make a forum post about it. I've been messing around a lot with the "phone as webcam" solutions as of late with two potential use cases for my streaming efforts around pinball. * A very affordable replacement for the common "Wireless HDMI + Camcorder" setup that most big rigs use that might actually end up being more portable. * The ability to have a roving camera when needed, which is nice for larger events or covering games where a larger rig won't stretch. Leveraging Wi-Fi range, as opposed to a Wireless HDMI where line of sight is king. However, in my testing of the EpocCam Pro + Camera Hub, I've noticed, maybe not shockingly, that holding the camera can be very very jittery, and there's no real correction for this. Obviously one potential answer would be to get a gimbal, and I'm all for good recommendations for one for either a tablet or phone that are under $100. But, what I am really curious about is how to configure some image stabilization on the software end, either at phone level or computer level after the reception of the raw video. Does such a tool exist and is there a better "phone as webcam" software combo that could potentially provide this? Thanks!
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