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I made my first try with the wasp deployment. So far its pretty straightforward, directly deploy to via cli - I like it very much. This time I am running again into an issue, where I am not even able to work out if its my Google-Config or my coding. In dev on my local machine it works well to use google auth. The Message attatched is what I get - you can see it publicly on the internet: The Fly-console Server-Logs look good to me. Does anyone have a clue whats going on? Thank you so much
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miho2mo ago
Could you share your Google related configs? 🙂 The configFn and userSignupFields I suspect you might have some slightly outdated code cc: @Vinny (@Wasp) for visibility
Vinny (@Wasp)
Vinny (@Wasp)2mo ago
yeah @mindreaderlupoDO do you mind checking if your Google userSignupFields and configFn you've defined in your main.wasp file match these -->
open-saas/app/src/server/auth/setUsername.ts at main · wasp-lang/op...
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Thank you so much. Its working after applying the right code for getGoogleUserFields. export const getGoogleUserFields = defineUserSignupFields({ email: (data: any) => data.profile.emails[0].value, username: (data: any) => data.profile.displayName, isAdmin: (data: any) => adminEmails.includes(data.profile.emails[0].value), }); This one I had is still from the time when I forked the OpenSaas Repository. Changed it to the new implementation and now its working. Since it was always working on localhost, I probably would have never had the idea to check this part of the implementation ...Thanks!
MEE62mo ago
Wohooo @mindreaderlupoDO, you just became a Waspeteer level 3!
Vinny (@Wasp)
Vinny (@Wasp)2mo ago