dynamic variables in main.wasp

Is it currently possible to dynamically change configuration values in main.wasp? E.g for development I want to use Dummy as email sender, however in production I want to use mailgun.
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miho3mo ago
Ah yes! That's something I want us to support for a while now. It's a bit annoying having to modify the Wasp file in dev (which is versioned by Git, so you have to revert the change before committing :D) 1️⃣ We don't support such dynamic variables atm, we are looking in the future (sooner than later) to have a TS based config which would enable all sorts of customisation for example, values based on local env vars for example: https://github.com/wasp-lang/wasp/issues/551 2️⃣ There is one helpful thing specifically for email based auth in development though: https://wasp-lang.dev/docs/auth/email#email-verification-flow Using the SKIP_EMAIL_VERIFICATION_IN_DEV env variable might help to avoid sending emails in development when you signup 🙂
Wasp TS SDK (TypeScript-based Wasp AST generation) · Issue #551 · w...
Description Wasp has its own DSL. This DSL lets you declare how a Wasp app goes together. The DSL has the benefit that it makes very clear what is being configured, and lets you configure an entire...
Email | Wasp
Wasp supports e-mail authentication out of the box, along with email verification and "forgot your password?" flows. It provides you with the server-side implementation and email templates for all of these flows.
crunchyTaco3mo ago
Ahh I see. Excited to see #1 get implemented.
MEE63mo ago
Wohooo @crunchyTaco, you just became a Waspeteer level 1!