Is there something missing? :(

I'm following this guide. But since I'm using Ubuntu, idk if I'm doing it right. It looks like wasp still isn't installed. Please help. Thank you.
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miho2mo ago
We are using the VSCode editor to open the ~/.profile file. So we write code ~/.profile in the instructions. If you don't have the VS Code editor installed, you can install it or try some other editor you have installed. If I recall correctly gedit ~/.profile should work on Ubuntu 🙂
martinsos2mo ago
Yup, so the error you are getting is due to code command not existing. And code is a command for VSCode, meaning you don't have VSCode installed, or it is installed, but it is not configured in such way that you can easily call it from the terminal via code (which is the default way, so it should work out of the box).