Wasp-lang2mo ago

Compile / Parse error with the ToDoAp

Hello all , I just downloaded and installed Wasp on Windows 11 with WSL2. The installation went fine and I am able to run the demo app. However, I then tried to install the Todoapp generated on Usemage.ai, and run it locally. It fails with the message :
--- [Error] Your wasp project failed to compile: Parse error: Path in external import must start with "@server/" or "@client/"! -> For dictionary field 'client': -> For dictionary field 'rootComponent' 6 | client: { 7 | rootComponent: import { Layout } from "@src/Layout.jsx", 8 | }, Any help on how to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks
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miho2mo ago
The error tells me you are running an older version of Wasp with a newer app. Could you check your Wasp version by running wasp version
Ron2mo ago
That was indeed the problem - thanks @miho!