Crash while loading world.

While loading the world it crashes and i get this error The game crashed whilst exception in server tick loop Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.sql.SQLException: Unable to get repo with connection string [jdbc:sqlite:C:\ProgramData.minecraft\saves\terralith test\data/DistantHorizons.sqlite] Mod list: bobby-5.0.1.jar CatEyes-v7_Fabric-1.20.1.jar CITResewn-1.1.3+1.20.jar cloth-config-11.1.106-fabric.jar continuity-3.0.0-beta.4+1.20.1.jar create-fabric-0.5.1-d-build.1161+mc1.20.1.jar create-sodium-fix-0.5.1-d-build.5+mc1.20.1.jar CreativeCore_FABRIC_v2.11.10_mc1.20.1.jar DistantHorizons-fabric-2.0.2-a-dev-1.20.1.jar EasyAnvils-v8.0.1-1.20.1-Fabric.jar entity_model_features_fabric_1.20.1-1.1.0.jar entity_texture_features_fabric_1.20.1-4.6.1.jar fabric-api-0.90.7+1.20.1.jar fabric-api-0.92.0+1.20.1.jar fallingleaves-1.15.4+1.20.1.jar freecam-fabric-1.2.1+1.20.jar indium-1.0.27+mc1.20.1.jar iris-1.7.0-snapshot+mc1.20.1-9553b82.jar jei-1.20.1-fabric- litematica-fabric-1.20.1-0.15.3.jar lithium-fabric-mc1.20.1-0.11.2.jar malilib-fabric-1.20.1-0.16.3.jar modmenu-7.2.2.jar PuzzlesLib-v8.1.11-1.20.1-Fabric.jar sodium-fabric-0.5.8+mc1.20.1.jar starlight-1.1.2+fabric.dbc156f.jar Terralith_1.20.4_v2.4.11.jar Xaeros_Minimap_23.9.3_Fabric_1.20.jar XaerosWorldMap_1.37.2_Fabric_1.20.jar
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deryener14mo ago
no only with DH
majo244mo ago
You could try deleting the LOD file /LODstored
YAGPDB.xyz4mo ago
Single Player: - Overworld: .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/data/DistantHorizons.sqlite - Nether: .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/DIM-1/data/DistantHorizons.sqlite - End: .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/DIM1/data/DistantHorizons.sqlite - Custom Dimensions: .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/DIMENSION_FOLDER/data/DistantHorizons.sqlite Multiplayer: - .minecraft/Distant_Horizons_server_data/SERVER_NAME/
deryener14mo ago
there is no lod file there it crashes at the loading screen i cant even enter
Charged Creeper
Charged Creeper4mo ago
also happened to me, like had game crash, but only had distant horizons mod (i guess also like fabric api) weird thing is that its worked fine for me before, but suddenly had super bad fps problems, so restarted computer, but then world took far longer to load, but when it did it was fine, but when i turned on lods, game crashed, then game keeps on crashing while turning loading the world (im going to try loading a different world, but i dont think its a world spesific problem)
deryener14mo ago
Even LOD off still crashes for me very strange.