What is the difference when I select "merge answers" vs what I get with the variables just passing?

In my bot I send all of the variables to some links and sheets but I account for all of them- I don't understand the utility of the "Merge Answers" option. Can someone explain it to me- I looked in the documentation too. Like in what case does toggling it on or off affect anything? Thanks!
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Baptiste2mo ago
The Merge answers option allows you to merge the answers collected from a linked bot to the current bot. This is useful if you want to collect answers from multiple bots and then send them all at once to a third-party app. Or if you just want to collect all the answers into a unified results table.
Anything unclear about this?
greenrhyno2mo ago
I guess- is there a way to save answers not in variables? Is this just how the bot collects the button presses or text responses even if not being saved to a variable? I guess I am saving all of my answers to variables for other things so I don't need to worry about this on what I am doing.