i18n doesn't work with 3.11

I already reported a bug for it, just wanted to post for posterity. When using getRoutseBaseName, the i18n module throws a new error with nuxt 3.11, where it can't access the runtimeConfig. Repro is in the GH issue: https://github.com/nuxt-modules/i18n/issues/2891 This prevents us from upgrading
getRouteBaseName error in Nuxt 3.11 · Issue #2891 · nuxt-modules/i1...
Environment Operating System: Darwin Node Version: v20.12.0 Nuxt Version: 3.11.1 CLI Version: 3.11.1 Nitro Version: 2.9.5 Package Manager: npm@10.5.0 Builder: - User Config: app, auth, components, ...
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