Daily Spin Luck Pass

Does anyone know how much the daily spin luck gamepass increases the chances by?
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Combat Warriors
Combat Warriors2mo ago
@Eden227Survivor (@TrueBluDragon)
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Rem2mo ago
There is no set percentage .luck
Gatito2mo ago
It is important to understand that case/spin luck game pass, while it can enhance your odds, does not provide any guarantees. Having higher case/spin luck improves your chances of obtaining desirable outcomes, but it does not ensure a specific result. The final outcome is still subject to the inherent randomness of the system governed by RNG. Therefore, while luck may influence your likelihood of success, it does not provide an absolute assurance.
eepy2mo ago
Yeah I made an account were I bought all the luck passes and got my daily spins over the course of 250 days and it doesn’t change much I also did this with boxes, kinda mid.