How jenkins can be used for IoT data ?

Just wanted to know how jenkins can be used for IoT data ? especially by interfacing it with RPI4.
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Umesh Lokhande
Umesh Lokhande2mo ago
In a production scenario, you can use jenkins server with a docker image running on RPi. This will allow automation for Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and also can be useful for data collection and processing. I hope this answers the question.
Shrushti2mo ago
I tried installing Jenkins on my Raspberry Pi but ran into some errors. Running a Docker image instead would be good Thanks!. Can you suggest if any, a small experiment kind of I could try to understand the use of Jenkins in IoT? i searched for use cases but they were complex.
techielew2mo ago
I've never heard of anyone trying something like this. As I'm sure you're aware, Jenkins is primarily a build/test/release automation tool. So, not sure if I know of any example use cases. Might check out Dojo 5 blog:
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