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Seeking Mentorship for STM32F407VGT6 board and ArmM4

I am looking for someone who can help me at every step from zero to project. If anyone is interested and willing to impart their knowledge and expertise do dm me .

testing honeypot for Matter over Thread and Wifi

Hello, For my masters thesis, We've made a honeypot with a Matter over Thread and WiFi network using homeassistant. I would like to know if some people in here would be down to try and attack that network. We are not aware if a lot of attacks can be done remotely but if any of you have some expertise in the field to even help us try to attack it locally and could assist us in creating such attacks, that would be huge. Thanks a lot...

I wish I want to the Embedded software project using AI

I wish I want to the Embedded software project using AI

Learning FPGA

I have good experience in Computer Software Development, now i want to learn more about FPGA and work with this technology in near future..

I made my Own Satellite

I participated in an All India Level National Wide Competition Organised by INSpace and ASI in collaboration with ISRO. I developed a Can Sized Satellite which was Launched on 16th April 2024....

process tomography

Starting to work with impedace tomography for hydarates detection. Early stages, not concreat yet.

A sound localization system using MCU

Seeking help for completing a project using any MCU to implement a sound localization system

Looking to start in IoT

I'm aware how Iot works, but I really want to undersand it, from scratch the basis, where should I start? (I cannot pay for any courses)

need mentorship for development of electromagnetic flow meters

I am fy student with 7 yrs of experience in electronics and I want to take my next big step , for which I have identified a flow meter called electromagnetic flow meter which I am kin to develop it by my own , but there is a lack of detailed information about the technology. Hence I am looking forward to meet a mentor who can help me with the development .

Yocto Porting and Patching

Hi Team, I am working on migration project where needs upgrade from Yocto Roko to Kirkstone. Need help on the same. I am newbie to Linux and Yocto. Please guide me. How to apply patches and how to upgrade....

Based in Capetown, would be awesome to set up a company specializing in Telemetry

Wouldn't mind getting some ideas of what kinds of telemetry products to build and how to sell them.

multidrop bus for vending machines

I want to start a project on multidrop bus interface using rs232 . Those who have expertise please ping me

Seeking collab to make our own power

Chat and talk to design the controllers and setup Already have a base-line BUT want to do this in private. To make and design something we can mass produce and sell. ...

Building LED Guitar Pick

Hello, I am a CEO of a company called SelectStrum. We’re trying to design and produce a light up guitar pick that lights up every time you strum. We are looking for someone that can help us with the electrical components and eventually help us make a prototype. Please feel free to private message or respond. Thanks.

Water, Gas, and Electricity Meters with MQTT capabilities

Hello, I’m looking for Water, Gas, and Electricity Meters for a potential customer. Requirements: - WiFi connectivity - MQTT support...

Adding pi-camera

can someone help me to add pi-camera in ESP32-Drone project ? this is the base circuit...
No description

Blind guide

Actually i am working on Blind guide with implication of IoT, but right now i making the diagram of the project

learning and working with esp32

I am currently learning and working bluetooth ble and wifi by using do it esp32 devkit v1 and esp32 wrover b