bazzite hangs on “Verifying installation…”

How can I begin to troubleshoot this? I can get to a VT with ctrl+alt+f2 and I’m sure I can ssh in, but I have no idea what I’d look at
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bri18d ago
I think it might be filesystem corruption because it didn’t wake from sleep and I had to hard reboot the computer, and it just didn’t come back 😦
1/4 Life18d ago
this is 100% steam at this point means it's failing to start what you can do is: mv ~/.local/share/Steam ~/.local/share/Steam-old from a TTY and restart steam will reinit/reinstall on your next boot and if that fixed it, you can move your compatadata & common folder back from the Steam-old folder and delete it
bri18d ago
I didn’t see your reply, but I just rebooted into the last ostree generation and it actually booted into steam. So I’m wondering if somehow Steam realized it was broken and reinstalled itself? Or if this isn’t actually Steam. But either way I think it’s solved. Thank you!!
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