where to buy necklaces ?

Preferably within EU
No description
Nergal Meslamstea17d ago
Are there any particular styles or materials you're looking for? Any budget considerations? https://discord.com/channels/1116793467654381685/1137088371055927416 ^^I'd recommend looking through this jewelry thread, there's a bunch of specific product recs in there.
Freezo17d ago
yeah ive been looking at stainless steel or silver under 50€
Nergal Meslamstea17d ago
If you're willing to buy secondhand, you'll be able to get sterling silver chains on eBay and other secondhand sites in that price range. My other rec for cheap silver and gold jewelry is Sarraf, but they're US-based and idk how shipping to Europe is. A lot of their stuff is gonna be just over your limit but there'll be a few types of thinner chains that are just at the limit. You should be able to get a steel chain for under €20 on Etsy. Etsy's a mixed bag, a lot of the sellers are just reselling wholesale stuff, but if you read reviews you can find something that's a good deal. For both Etsy and eBay you can filter by location.
Spuck16d ago
Theres a LOT of dropshipped garbage on Etsy, at least in the UK
Nergal Meslamstea16d ago
That's true everywhere, but with steel chains you're only gonna get stuff that's cheaply mass produced, your goal should be to fine someone who didn't cut every corner and isn't charging out the nose. I wouldn't recommend etsy as a first choice for nicer stuff. Personally within OP's budget I'd be looking for secondhand silver jewelry
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