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Suggestions for lightweight over shirt/jacket to wear with joggers and sneakers at work?

I’m a teacher. My daily attire is pretty simple- neutral colored sneakers, lulu/Birddogs joggers, and a plain t-shirt.

Last year I wore boots and khakis everyday, so my shacket (pictured) went well with it. I worry it won’t go well with my new style. Any suggestions on what would?

Would prefer something zip/button up since I frequently run warm and end up taking off my top layer anyway.

Are these Morjas loafers too dressy?

Got a chance to cop these on Ebay for a good price. Brown suede. Are the tassels too dressy to wear with, e.g., casual linen pants or even shorts? Also, any experience with Morjas sizing?

What brand does the best white/grey tees in the UK?

Not really looking to spend £100 per tee but want something comfy to wear under wool jumpers this winter. Found uniqlo quality control on their suima tees to be kind of bad.

Which levi model is mid/high rise?

I don't have a casual trouser so would like to have one

Help me replace my favourite belt please :(

UK based

I've had this Uniqlo belt for years and it's definitely looking a bit ratty now. They don't carry this model any more so I want to find a similar, perhaps better quality replacement.

Things I like about the belt:
- the woven construction gives it a much higher "resolution" than my other belts
- It has some elastic hidden in the weave such gives it a comfortable stretch, you can see this poking out where the leather is snapped

Things that could be improved:
- Leather quality s...

Are loafers versitile? if so what color?

Hi I was thinking of getting loafers because I think they just fit my asthetic that I am going for and was wondering if black or burgundy would be a better color for loafers im probably gonna base it off my trouser combination. I have a biege linen widepants trouser, navy blue/grayish-dark blue trousers and either brown or green (im kinda color blind ill add a pic below) high-waisted trousers?

Is this polar fleece jacket good?

Reebok one for $29, is it good? I’m assuming the polar fleece they use should be decent

Does anyone use Pintrest?

My gf uses pintrest to shop all the time to get inspo, has anyone used it and liked it?

What are good shirts for when it's hot?

Hi folks,

I'm a pretty big dude in south Texas, where we've had months of 100+ °F weather. I'm interested in trying to move past my t-shirt and jeans days, but I feel like a lot of clothes just leave me a sweaty mess. What would people recommend for good shirts to wear when it's hot? I've found guayaberas to be very comfortable, but I'd like to see what other options folks would recommend.

Thanks in advance!

Best charcoal corduroys?

Preferably slim fit.

Shopping in Italy

Hey MFA– I'm going on my honeymoon in Italy this weekend, and I’m wondering if I can get some suggestions for shops/brands to keep an eye out for? If it helps, I dress "casual", often a mix of workwear, prep and milsurp, though I like sport coats and high-rise pants if I'm going to an event or fancy dinner.

We’ll be stopping in Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome on our way down to the Amalfi Coast. So far the places I’m locking in to visit are Scuola del Cuocio in Florence for leather jackets, a...

what sneakers are y'all wearing these days?

Have a few pairs of sneaks on their way out and would love to hear your suggestions or just what youve been enjoying recently! Currently have some dad/running style Asics, some black chunky trail runners, black chucks. Probably gonna get some of the salomon sneakers cause I love those. What have you been wearing/seeing around a lot?

wedding fit check this time with all combos!

Ok so i got my pants back from the tailor and hear are some various combinations. I also purchased a more traditional navy blazer off ebay and i’m wonder if thats better than the unlined one i was using. Annoying thing about the unlined is although it fits, its so think that the shirt bunching underneath is causing some pull on the button.

Extra fabric on back of flannel shirt

So for a dress shirt if there's extra fabric in the back I'd add darts, but I dont think darts on a flannel shirt is a good idea. I leave my flannel shirts untucked and there is this big spoof of air in the back.

I know some of you might say size down but I need to find a size that fits my shoulder and chest and usually that means the waist/lower back area is huge

Chinos options in the $100-200 Range

Looking for a nice pair of chinos slim but not skinny. I like more of the traditionally chino look, not big on the performance ones. That being said I have never tried them, are they worth giving a shot? I have looked around and I keep on finding old articles and they don't have the recommend ones anymore like wings & Horns and UNIS GIO. Thanks for advice.

Thoughts on Suit Supply 'Perennial' Line?

Hey folks 👋

So, I need a formal outfit for a friends wedding reception next month, and having absolutely no formalwear whatsoever, I figure it may just be time to pick up a suit more generally - although I can't envisage it getting heavy usage at present in all honesty...

Based off recommendations from here/elsewhere, I've been browsing Suit Supply (UK) and came across their entry level 'Perennial' line - looks like you can pick up a navy suit in either a 'Stretch Wool' or 'Pure Wool' for £3...

How to style and not to style this Polish students hat

This hat is a heirloom of mine, and I want to wear it regularly into the fall and winter. I also don't want to commit a fashion faux pad. What tips do y'all have?