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Advice for a fat fashion noob?

I (22) am pretty clueless when it comes to fashion and would like to add a few good outfits to my wardrobe. As context, I gained a lot of weight while at college. At the moment I'm basically wearing sweats and football/soccer jerseys exclusively, which I guess isn't even half bad at the moment (thanks to the European Championships lol) but at some I do want to upgrade my style because it's admittedly pretty basic. I guess my general question is: Does anyone have any tips, suggestions or experience with certain styles that look good on bigger guys, and especially shops that sell suitable clothes (online or offline)? ...

jacques marie mage alternatives

Hey y'all! I'm looking for a pair of glasses like the Jacques Marie Mage Richard. It's an oddly specific style and I can't seem to find a similar pair elsewhere outside of odd YSL lookbooks. Even Aliexpress doesn't have a knockoff lmao. Any thoughts on where I might find a cheaper alternative? Don't have $500+ on hand to drop on glasses unfortunately.
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Outfit recommendations for a casual work social outing at an arcade bar?

Hey all! Got a work social coming up next week at an arcade bar and need to figure out what I'm going to wear. Given that it's summer, there's a risk of both over and underdressing. How do I look semi professional while not burning up in the heat? What do I wear? Thank you....

Anyone seen any cool bucket hats?

My favorite one that I have seen is this one: but I am not quite ready to stomach the price. Anyone seen any interesting bucket hats out there recently? Love more of a minimal but non-techwear style

Looking for an athletic shoe for all-day walking (vacation)

I'm looking for shoes that are good for walking all day, offer all-white colorways, with a slim profile. I currently have a pair of (grey) Brooks Ghosts, and while they are perfect for walking all day (it's like walking on clouds!), they have a wider profile, and they don't offer an all-white colorway. An example of a slimmer profile/silhouette is the Nike Pegasus (not sure if it's any good for all-day walking, can anyone comment?) I've looked at the Brooks Glycerin, but they have the same silhouette as the Ghosts....

Which adidas shoes are in style right now?

Which adidas shoes are in style right now? Gazelles or Sambas?

Skolx What is it with Scandi-Shoe brands and unpronounceable names? Anyhow I came across this site and it looks pretty good. They offer a lot of different gyw shoes at quiet good prices. I was just wondering if anyone here had some experiences with them and if so how happy they are with their shoes...

Can a chest 38 wear a chest 41-42?

I found a pretty good deal for a morning tailcoat and the waistcoat on Etsy, some vintage mostly unworn coat from the 20s-40s from heavyweight wool from Aquascutum. I’m 5’8 1/2ish (174 cm last time I checked). The description said “large” rather than “long”. It’s also meant to be slim fitting. Can I still wear this without looking like it’s too big for me or do I have to get this tailored? I’ve got a taller upper body rather than taller legs. Underarm to underarm:- 22 1/4 " waistcoat 21 1/4"...

Are these two pics the same colorway?

ALD New Balance 991. Can't tell if it's just the photo or if one is grey and the other is more brown/tan.
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Any brands that make "vintage" surf-like cuts and prints.

Does anyone know any brands that make shirts like the one in the attached image anymore? Closest I've found are "loose" rash guards from various surf brands. These are pretty different though, the material is wrong and even a "loose" fit for a rashguard is more like a normal fit vs more of an oversized fit. Even then, the neck line can be somewhat different and more often than not they're just solid colors, not all over prints. I think this style was popular in the late 80s/early 90s among surf brands. Some of the new gecko stuff has a little bit of a similar vibe but its not quite there. Thanks...
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Any streetwear brands?

my definition of streetwear is baggy jeans + cool top and layering. Looking for sweaters rn tho

Did barbie do something?

I noticed many many many influencers tiktokers and normal people around me that either werent really hair colorers(?) or were hair dye people but did vibrants like red blue and stuff. Then i realised its june aka 1 month before when the Barbie movie came out aka the month that all the marketing was happening? am i overthinking the coincidence? is this blonde urge a leftover subliminal message? are you going blonde for summer? if so what kind of blonde?...
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Bowling shirts?

So long story short, when I was a wee Lyon, I latched onto Guy Fieri as one of the pinnacles of masculinity. Well, it's also occurred to me that aside from wearing more button-up BBQ shirts than I can count, he also wears a lot of vintage-style bowling shirts. Any favorites? I have no serious budget limitations other than the fact that I'd like to try not to spend more than $100 on a single shirt unless it's just that nice....

Going to my first Ren fair festival. Where's good inspiration and websites to buy outfits?

Hey all! So I've never been to a Ren fair festival before so I wanted to see if any of you knew good places to buy outfits? It's going to be hot so if it's made of linen that'd be great but I'm open to anything as long as it's a "masculine Renaissance" type look if that makes sense?...

PRL Tyler Short vs Prospect Short

Does anyone know what the biggest differences are between the prospect short and tyler short? I know that the prospects are usually not pleated, but is there anything else different about them? Also as a side note, are there any other vintage polo short styles to keep an eye out for?...