[pause_resume] [gcode_macro M600] gcode: {% set X = params.X|default(50)|float %} {% set Y = params.Y|default(0)|float %} {% set Z = params.Z|default(10)|float %} SAVE_GCODE_STATE NAME=M600_state PAUSE G91 G1 E-.8 F2700 G1 Z{Z} G90 G1 X{X} Y{Y} F3000 G91 G1 E-50 F1000 RESTORE_GCODE_STATE NAME=M600_state i added this gcode to use filament change but i think there is some thing wrong it crash to the left corner then pause also before start print also pause the print what the wrong i did ? rat rig 400 notice without this gcode no issue for normal printing