Weird screen tearing thing

I installed the DH iris shaders from #beta-testing pinned into fabulously optimised and every time I use the bliss DH shaders this weird screen tear thing happens. It works fine without shaders. I checked all the incompatibilities in #faq-mod-support and I think I don't have any of them. Thank you
No description
Not sure if I have any supplementaries
disabled gammautils btw
does this happen when you turn on shaders with them disabled before? or even restarting the game so it starts with shader does not help?
yeah to both nothing helps
2 irises Get rid of the older one and do proper installation of the mods
the other ones are both disabled im weird and i use modrinth
Try deleting your bliss and DH configs If that doesnt help, please go to Iris discord for support related to shaders
alright i will try, thank you

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