Combat Warriorsthe greatest man ever

my demon egg is gone πŸ˜žπŸ˜”

I checked my inventory today and the screaming one was gone πŸ‘Ώ
Unknown Userβ€’14d ago
the greatest man everβ€’14d ago
Never mind I read another post L Roblox
Goodpiggyβ€’14d ago
Gatitoβ€’14d ago
@Him (@Sharkboiii99)
We are aware of the egg being deleted As a staff team, we are currently unaware of the reason why and it is being investigated by the admin. Please wait for updates in <#1058515423978594447> / <#1147746580682788874> / <#1147746928487059516>.
collegebeeβ€’13d ago
Cosmicβ€’12d ago
No description
Cosmicβ€’12d ago
And even with the old egg Idk why I had all three
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