Ban VAL 5

I have no idea why,i dont be toxic in games and i dont throw,surely i dont use hacks or something,i was playing deathmatch with no audio,suddenly i get error saying "A review detected that actions of an account playing on this device violated the User Rules (Section 7) of our Terms of Service. Fair play and respecting the integrity of a match are essential to be a team that wins together. We encourage you to reflect on your behavior to be a respectful player in future games. You can visit our FAQ to learn more, including your right to appeal. Error Code: VAL 5" after this when i open the riot client im permanently banned this happend in multiple accounts i used in the first match aroubd round 10-11
lyra17d ago
try this "Open task manager Then details Close every valorant,riot client and vanguard related apps/services Open control panel Uninstall programs Uninstall riot vanguard Open cmd as admin and type these commands:- 1) sc delete vgc 2) sc delete vgk Navigate to ur C drive then program files and find vanguard folder and delete it. Then open riot client and click update Restart ur pc after the update." - jidat
jidat17d ago
I never asked for credit :please:. Ty tho
OZAIR17d ago
So i did this and it was keep happening the problem i assume was that the vanguard services was disable in taskmanager/startup ive enabled it for now the game is installing ill let you know if it worked thanks tho 🫶🏼
lyra17d ago
thanks next time I will just say it was all me who made it/joke