Hello! Has anyone gotten a "can't connect to game, relaunch client, error van 1067" before?. It doesn't seem to appear in riot game's official error code list. I searched it online, I tried everything but to no avail. If so did you fix it? And how? Thank you ❤️
s4d ago
sorry for late reply I asked the same question to the mods/admins they said this problem is pretty much rare if u say and possibly no solution valorant bugs are ass tbf
lyra4d ago
Hellooo, I'm sorry to tell you that there is no official fix for the van 1067 error currently, which means you won't be able to play the game 😔 However on the good side, the devs are working to publish a fix/solution for the van 1067 error/bug. It might take time tho. You can however try to do a complete windows reinstall, make a new user with admin privileges and only English letters on the computer and run your pc through a proxy with for example cloudflair WARP however It's not a guarantee fix tho !