Basic wardrobe that doesn’t look basic AF

Hi, how do you build a wardrobe from scratch that doesn’t look basic? Something with a unique character and more fashionable than jeans and white t. All the guides on YouTube for wardrobe essentials look the same to me
rej13d ago
General guidance here for building a wardrobe from scratch is to start with the basics, then branch out to things that seem interesting to you. Here's a guide on the substack for that. Without knowing more about your stage of life or where you live, it's tough to recommend much beyond this
Building A Basic Wardrobe v7.0
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awburkey13d ago
Put This On
The Springboard Wardrobe
When I started getting into fountain pens about eight years ago, I was overwhelmed by the number of options. The...
william13d ago
the 'doesn't look basic' problem is one that can only really be solved through research and time if you like certain outfits or looks, we might be able to point you to a direction
Archie13d ago
Got it. I like relaxed neutrals and jewel tones in viscose or softer fabric for hot climate. Some occasional prints thrown in.
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sharloy13d ago
Check out cos
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