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Lost close to 90lbs, what to do with old sweat pants?

They are way too large now and tying them down with the drawstrings don't get near tight enough to keep them up, especially with the pockets filled. Is there any easy adjustments or anything I could do to extend their life or do I need to just donate them? Would taking them to a tailer be worth it at all?
artvandelayimporting17d ago
Just get new ones
Benjiara17d ago
Donate/sell the old ones if they're in good condition/something you think someone may want
rej17d ago
Yea not worth it to take to a tailor. If you can't even cinch them down enough to stay on you as big baggy sweats to lounge around the house, they're in toss or donate territory.
Arabian Knight17d ago
exactly what I wanted to know, thank you all
OceanicEternity17d ago
Cut them up and use them to polish your boots.
braindrops17d ago
Make a cape
AAE16d ago
Bruh the best part of losing a lot of weight is getting a whole new wardrobe (well, maybe second best part). Coming from a fellow Arabian knight who lost ~65lbs
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