Cloudflare HTML Email Form

Hello. I've created a custom website for a small business (more like customized as I used a template from HTML5UP) and I created an email form to forward to a gmail address using PHP. I tested everything in my workstation using XAMPP and it works fine and everything is good to go. But apparently, cloudflare doesn't use PHP and I have been researching on how to forward the email from the HTML form to the gmal. I am using cloudflare as a host and godaddy domain. Here is the test page just in case anybody is wondering: I have not set up the domain from godaddy either but I did go through the process of registering it and added the namespaces in the godaddy domain. I am mostly a backend developer using SQL but I understand how to create websites a little bit and that's how I am able to fully customize the html5up template. Thank you for any help and guidance! edit: Also want to add that the email that the form is getting forwarded to is tied to the domain using google workspaces so the email would be
z0rrn16d ago
There are two options. Either you build the thing yourself with Cloudflare Pages Workers in Javascript / Python or you use a service that does the heavy lifting (the service will cost much more if you need to scale). Just search on Google etc. for form backend and you'll find a lot.
lckillah16d ago
Awesome was researching it last night and found workers and MailChannels. The python method that you recommended works because I do know python so that would be ideal. I am going to look into it. Thank you!