device that support 90fps and 120fps in pubg mobile

I want to know which device support 90 and upcoming 120fps in pubg mobile i want to buy red magic 9pro(snapdragon 8 gen 3 with display 120hz) or asus rog 8 pro(snapdragon 8 gen 3 with display 165hz) but both these phone not giving 90fps in pubgm. Is there any specific reason?
Donald.Trump13d ago
Quendi12d ago
Hello, @Donald.Trump! Devices with the minimum hardware requirements of 90Hz display refresh rate, and Snapdragon 865 or Dimensity 1100 central processing unit, can access the Extreme+ option with Smooth graphics. If you cannot access the option despite of your device meeting these requirements, it may be supported in the future instead. You may submit
Donald.Trump12d ago
@Quendi is there any device which is not allowed in pubgm like redmagic, asus because it comes with built-in trigger and other things? @Quendi