Pipeline children started twice

Hello, I'm seeing children in a Membrane pipeline get started twice: I think this might be an issue with how I'm starting the pipeline(everytime a websocket connection is created), but I can't figure out exactly why this is happening. I've created a simplified repro of what I'm doing here: https://gist.github.com/samrat/14e29e15e6190d48473e1678a49c3339
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Feliks13d ago
If you write your own pipeline module (like Wonderfluent.MembranePipeline) there is no need to use Membrane.RCPipeline. You can just delete lines 20-24 from membrane_pipeline.ex and problem should disappear. Now, your code starts 2 separate pipelines (in membrane_pipeline.ex:21 and in conversation.ex:48) and these 2 pipelines spawn 2 identical sets of children. You can see it in the logs: every log starts with a pid of a pipeline, that produced this log.
samrat13d ago
Ah, understood. Thank you so much! This fixes my issue. 👍