Hi! I want to pwd-protect my Page. How to do it with Functions?

I have a static page set up, live, working. I want to add password protection to the page. I found a TypeScript-based solution here: https://dev.to/charca/password-protection-for-cloudflare-pages-8ma It has four TypeScript files that it places in the /functions folder to create the login middleware. I added the /functions folder and files to my working folder, added the password variable to my "Environment variables" in Workers & Pages -> [My Page] -> Settings -> Environment variables, and redeployed the page. The password protection feature isn't working. I do not know why. I am completely without a clue as to what I am doing. I don't understand the distinction between Workers and Pages, or what Wranglers, Binders, or Playgrounds are. The CloudFlare manual documentation seems to assume I know the differences between these things and what their various purposes are before it teaches me how to use them all. Please help me.
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Password Protection for Cloudflare Pages
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