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MuMu & Pgsharp

I want to start spoofing on my computer with MuMu and PgSharp. Is their a difference between MuMu 6 and 12 and if there is which should I use
PGC Helper15d ago
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シャドウキャット15d ago
use mumu 6 and pgsharp arm64. right click on play store and press details. press disable and agree to any popups. close settings and open pokemon go... Done!
nick ₉ ⁹ ₉ 🔥15d ago
Thank's I just got it working. I spawned in new york and wanna go closer to where i live to take out the gyms im in but theres a 75 min cool down. I was just wondering can I close the game during the cool down and reopening it later so the cool down is finished?
シャドウキャット15d ago
Yes, you can As long as it’s not during a Pokémon encounter
nick ₉ ⁹ ₉ 🔥14d ago
Okay thank you so much!
シャドウキャット14d ago
nick ₉ ⁹ ₉ 🔥14d ago
Sorry for so many questions but I can literally just turn of my computer after tping go to school when I’m back no more cooldown
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