Leather Ferrari Jackets

I’ve been curious about getting a red leather Ferrari racing jacket, and have been looking at Grailed and EBay for preowned ones. But they seem suspicious? I’ve heard Ferrari is a popular brand for knockoffs, and I’m pretty sure the ones I’m seeing are not genuine vintage jackets. That’s not a huge problem for me. Since this’ll be more of an occasional statement piece anyway, and I’m only a casual Ferrari fan, I don’t need it to be genuine. I do worry about the quality of the knockoffs and whether they’ll look like the images though. I’m trying to get a sense of what I should expect if I go down this road. Is $200 too cheap to expect a decent preowned/knockoff leather jacket? Will a fake fall apart on its own in a few years, or be extremely uncomfortable? Will it even be leather? Here’s an example listing: https://www.grailed.com/listings/57885806-ferrari-x-leather-jacket-x-streetwear-ferrari-racing-leather-jacket-vintage-streetwear-m?g_aidx=Listing_production&g_aqid=e3edbffe306adadaa2ba5d7c86ffef3d
Ferrari Ferrari Racing Leather Jacket VIntage Streetwear "M" | Grailed
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OxfordKarma18d ago
Personally, I wouldn't risk it with Grailed. My local FB marketplace is packed full of "vintage" Ferrari jackets that are trash quality. Maybe try looking at your local FB marketplace, flea markets, vintage shops, etc. At least then you can see the quality in person and can make an informed decision. Or if you're not worried about reps, go straight to the source and find something that isn't marking up the price pretending to be authentic.
pianoguyyyy18d ago
How would I find the source?
OxfordKarma18d ago
Aliexpress is the one I'm most familiar with