PUBG MOBILEsidomantic

Desync, Game Response Delay.

I am from India. Website version of PUBG MOBILE does not require a vpn to play for me. But there are often I notice what is called 'desync'. My character/vehicle goes a bit backwards where it was a few seconds ago. Game takes noticable amount of time to response when I tap a button like switching guns. The delay is very short but somewhat affects my gameplay. My ping stays around 20-40ms, what should I do to resolve this issue?
sidomantic16d ago
Mention me when someone replies.
Quendi16d ago
Hello, @sidomantic! Please note that we provide community support for the global version of PUBG MOBILE and are unable to answer questions related to PUBG MOBILE in India. As a general recommendation, please make sure that you are playing the game in a stable network environment. Try to switch between Cellular and Wi-Fi network, or try to reset the network settings of the device. You may also try to perform a routine repair of the game from the login menu.
sidomantic15d ago
Well, I am global version of PUBG MOBILE only, but from India. I told that in case that concerns my issue in the game. My mobile network seems stable in the other regional game version for India, but the problem lies with the global version only. I have tried routine repairing but it did not help much and I do not have a secondary network. 🥲