Hacked account problem

My account was hacked a few days ago but I’ve gotten it back . The hacker used my UC and AG but thats not the main problem . the main problem is he changed my server and region. So does the support team help me change it back ?? I am unable to sent the ingame customer support a letter because the hacker tried to false claim my account and the support hasnt responded yet. Id : 5257395880
Quendi16d ago
Hello, @Demortal! Please contact the customer service for further assistance with lost or stolen accounts. You may submit an account recovery request through in-game at the login menu of the game by selecting Help > Login Issue > Account Recovery > Submit Claim. If your issue is not resolved after receiving a response, you may create a post through https://ptb.discord.com/channels/393088095840370689/1219166294105133086 with a description, your numeric user identification and a screenshot of the customer service conversation.