ai prompting doubt

so i have this requirement to get the ai to reply to 3 of my questions. eg: "x is something.. 1. what is x, 2. where is x, 3. who is x" and i want the ai to stream the data, and id be passing each of these values as props to a component. obviously json wont work w. streaming. so i updated the query for the ai to include a delimiter like "||" after each qn. so ijust split the string by the delimiter and pass the data. but often times it misses this, and the data appears mixed. any suggestions? also often times it does the: "sure i can answer your question" kinda messages at the beginning, how do i get the ai to not yap? would appreciate any actually useful prompt engineering guide/vids if u guys know. thanks
Circus16d ago This is well worth going through (even if your AI is not openai). It'll guide you to return types and all the jazz and is what got me completing a pretty complex AI request with very minimal error
ElonMask15d ago
thnx a ton, ill go through it ❤️