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val support serviceval support be leaving me on delivered for 2 days now i need help yallRiot Client sign in issueWhen i put in my info and press enter i get stuck loading here indefinitely. The background that's sTicket says solved but no one respondedthis is what i see it says solved but no riot employee has responded to it. i got banned for a year Soo i dunno if i should reinstall ValorantI kinda got addicted to it and after raging a LOT until I finally uninstalled. Now my friends want mStucks In The Agent SelectionI don't have any fps problem in gameplay but my game feezes on agent selection screen and opens lateVc just disablin mid Gamemy vc will legit just stop mid Game and cant use it until the Game ends and i Goto lobbyCatThis is my catCYPHER DESK! - SPRAY (FANART)Show your frustration of your teammates' horrible play with this spray! Had to make a fanart of the why does when I create a riot account it says "requirements not met"somebody help pleasethe following components are required directx runtimewhen i open the game it keeps shows me that "the following components are required directx runtime" I was banned after doing nothingHi, I've just been unjustly banned without having used a cheat. It's been 1 month since I started plsomeone helphey, this isnt really a problem, just wanted to say this, if anyone has the ability, to get me ONE sVan 68 errorHi i mentioned my problem here before it worked for like 3 days but now it won’t let me get into theYoru offers you a mochi (Not consumable)I got bored and decided to draw my OC on Yoru's hand. What would you do if he offers this to you? :YHELP PLEASEI'm thinking of an unfair ban, can someone please help me?VAL 4 ErrorI got banned for no reason and i was banned mid game and the Val 4 Error shows up on the screen bro.