uc purchase gift

I want to buy uc to open lion companion crate and it ends in may. But i wanna wait for purchase gift to come back. Do u guys know when it will come back
Quendi12d ago
Hello, @🐰Ethan🐇Hunt! Please note that we unfortunately cannot confirm an official release date of certain evetns unless an event has been announced through the official platforms. Please keep an eye out in-game, #game-news and social media handles of PUBG MOBILE for future game announcements and event notifications.
Donald.Trump12d ago
@🐰Ethan🐇Hunt just a guess it will comes back with new xsuit on 5 april or 6 april
EthanHunt12d ago
Thanx for replying got it Dunno coz 7th is magic lamp uc savings so it wouldnt make sense I hope they got good one