is this button too much would love some general design feedback. I feel like I maybe went a bit overboard with the button CSS animation, but lmk (the background animation is only visiblein dark mode, oop) it looks way better in dark mode so open to suggestions for making the lightmode pretty
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vince17d ago
It is a lot but I like it, not like it's hurting anything dark mode I'd experiment making the outside lines a darker light blue to make them slightly visible kind of like how you have in dark mode (but they're white there)
ἔρως17d ago
it is too much i can feel my phone chugging on it as well in terms of ux/ui, it doesnt add anything we all know where the button is i would be more worried about a better method to input the svg code, as what you have now isn't good enough
Shane17d ago
Wdym? ig the only thing missing is drag drop
ἔρως17d ago
well, it isnt responsive, it's a fair bit strange to use as it doesnt have an actual code editor (but that may be annoying to implement) and i dont think it can even be resized
Shane17d ago
its just there to paste into, it isn't mean to be an editor
Aoi17d ago
If you are talking about the background animation behind the main button, it's hardly noticeable so I don't mind having it there. It's a fun thing to notice if you do, and doesn't affect you if you don't. It's a good thing unless there is a performance issue which I didn't have.
ἔρως17d ago
i know, but if you decide to add a code editor in the future, the space you have isnt enough
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